Chloe Charles

Friday 24.10.2014 - 20:30

Caveau du Sommelier Olten

Chloe Charles

Hearing Chloe Charles for the first time, it's hard to forget this unique voice. 
The press have likened Chloe to everyone from Björk to Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse to Adele, Alicia Keys to Joni Mitchell. While this reflects her unfathomable range, it goes a long way towards describing why this singing sorceress’ musical magic defies any and all straitjackets of classification.

Fans and music journalist around the world have warmly embraced Chloe’s magic. Since the release of Little Green Bud Chloe has performed 300 shows in 8 countries, graced the cover of International Musician magazine, won Harbourfront’s Soundclash Award, became member of Guild Guitar family and just recently was announced as Soul/R&B Artist of the Year by the judges of Canadian Independent Music Awards.

Chloe Charles (guitar, lead vocals)
Davide Santi (violin, backup vocals)
Robert Herrmann (keyboards)

Show starts: 20:30
Admission fee: 30 CHF, for reserved seats 28 CHF

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