Corin Curschellas' La Triada

Saturday 14.03.2015 - 20:30

Caveau du Sommelier Olten

Corin Curschellas Astrid Alexandre Ursina Giger

Corin Curschellas is a well known name within Swiss music scene for many years. A creative artist who has been into Jazz, Folk, Chanson, World Music and many other genres. Corin sings in her native Romansh Language, in Swiss German, English, sometimes Standard German, French, Italian or even Gibberish. But this time, together with the two singers Astrid Alexandre and Ursina Giger, she will delight her audience with the wonderful acapella project "La Triada".

Corin Curschellas on "La Triada": "It has always been a dream of mine to sing Romansh folk songs together with singers I feel close to. Singing old tunes in a new and fresh way, without instruments or doing instrumental parts with voices, giving room for tones to evolve, rich sound layers to grow in a great dynamic range, not caring about styles, drawing inspiration from the wealth of ideas of the vocalists involved."

Listening to La Triada it is obvious that Corin's dream has come true: Pure 3-part-harmony magic in her native Romansh.

Concert starts at: 20:30
Admission: 30 CHF (members 25 CHF)

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