Herbie's EXPLO 3000

Saturday 18.01.2014 - 20:30

Caveau du Sommelier Olten

Herbie's EXPLO 3000

Herbie Kopf's Quartet unites some of the most promising talents of the Swiss contemporary jazz-scene. When they got together to play for the first time, it felt like a tremenduous eruption of energy, emotions, colours and sounds that immediately inspired their next improvisations.
This group reflects best Herbie Kopf's vision to combine emotional power with harmonic and melodic finesse. He is happy to have found the present members of the group as long-time companions for challenging and adventurous journeys.

Adrian Pflugshaupt: sopranosax, flute, bass-clarinet
Hans Feigenwinter: piano
Herbie Kopf: electric bass, compositions
Pius Baschnagel: drums

Concert starts at 20:30
Admission fee: CHF 30.--

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