Il Tempo Gigante

Friday 26.09.2014 - 20:30

Caveau du Sommelier Olten

Il Tempo Gigante - Rolf Hansen

Copenhagen-based Il Tempo Gigante, alias Rolf Hansen, creates an air of hushed intensity through a virtuosic and highly original use of loops, guitar and voice. His elegant spider web-like compositions are imbued with melodic durability and a spooky sense of revealing an inner secret. With a distinctive guitar playing style and lyrics that carry the listener into stories of raw human experience, Il Tempo Gigante has been well received by audiences across Europe and the USA.



Showcase with N!L duo unplugged

Jonas Hirschi and Nina Gutknecht

N!L is an alternative rockband based in Biel, Switzerland. Between 20:00 and 20:30 guitarist and composer Jonas Hirschi and singer Nina Gutknecht of N!L will present a couple of their songs. A duo with the intensity of a rockband.

Nina Gutknecht, vocals
Jonas Hirschi, acoustic guitar

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