Paper Aeroplanes and Siôn Russell Jones

Saturday 11.04.2015 - 20:30

Caveau du Sommelier Olten

Sarah Howells und Richard Llewellyn

Next Stop Olten is quite excited to have Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn aka Paper Aeroplanes for a show in town!

Looking at Youtube statistics of all the Trance songs that feature Sarah's unique voice it is safe to say that the Welsh vocalist is singing to millions of people all over the world. But it can't get any better than hearing Paper Aeroplanes in a small and intimate venue like Caveau du Sommelier. After working together for several years, Sarah and Richard have become a great team of songwriters. Both grew up in the west of Wales and one believes to hear and feel the remoteness of the coastal area and the ferocity of the Sea in many of their songs. As Sarah explains in an interview (with folkradio uk):
"It’s the raw, untouched beauty of much of the West Wales coast line which has always provoked imagery and metaphors for me when lyric writing... Then there’s also the ugly, man-made grandeur of the refineries and the power stations that mark my immediate views growing up. "

Paper Aeroplanes' last album Little Letters got a lot of praise and enthusiastic reviews and was very well received by their growing audience. In early 2015 their much anticipated album Joy, produced by Mason Neely, will be released. 

Siôn Russell Jones

We are happy to welcome another great talent from Wales: Siôn Russell Jones will open the show. He signed to BDi Music in 2013 and has since had his music played on many radio stations in UK and continental Europe. Swiss radio SRF 3 on his latest EP: '"So Long" received an enthusiastic reception from the blogoshere and the title track is the ultimate example of how 60s infused folk music in pop style can be played without sounding too retro.'

Show starts: 20:30
Admission: 25.-- for reserved seats, 30.-- at box office

Sîon Russell Jones - So Long

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