Paul McCandless & Charged Particles

Friday 06.12.2019 - 20:00

Kino Lichtspiele Olten

Paul McCandless & Charged Partcles

Paul McCandless & Charged Partcles

Grammy Award winner and world renowned-jazz superstar Paul McCandless and the Bay-Area jazz trio Charged Particles will be touring and playing compositions from McCandless’ solo records. Known for his soaring lyricism and gorgeous arrangements McCandless pieces bring audiences to their feet at the ends of their concerts.

Celebrating their 25th anniversary, Charged Particles features three of the country's virtuosos playing jazz while crossing stylistic boundaries and blending diverse traditions to create engaging new sounds. This collaboration with McCandless howcases music from his records with a fresh twist and new energy. The quartet’s music traverses a wide range of genres, including swinging jazz, funky fusion-ish tunes, romantic ballads, purely improvised adventures, and original McCandless styles that have no names.

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