Robyn Ludwick and Bill Chambers

Saturday 07.06.2014 - 15:00 – 19:00

Wyss Farm in Boningen, Switzerland

Robyn Ludwick and Bill Chambers

Next Stop Olten goes to the countryside for a special occasion, that is to the farm of the Wyss family in Boningen (SO). A good place for a summer concert with the kids, good friends and the whole village. Robyn Ludwick (U.S.A) and Bill Chambers (AUS) are two singular top shots out of the roots, alternative country and Americana scene. Opener: The Real Texas Shit Kicker All Stars (CH).

Robyn Ludwick is a self-taught guitar player and, when she was still a student, sneaking off to Austin occasionally, THE music capital. She stayed, dreaming of a music career, but studied engineering instead and started work in this field, too. When she lost that job unexpectedly, Robyn began writing and performing songs. “It just pretty much poured out at that point. I guess it was time, you know.”


Bill, father of Kasey Chambers is one of those growling singers who owes a substantial debt to both Bob Dylan and John Prine. Perhaps it’s a result of those early weathered years he spent roughing it in the outback with his family. "My kids Nash and Kasey grew up listening only to the music I played on cassettes or on my guitar around the campfire. Songs of Hank Williams, the Carter Family, Johnny Cash, Jackson Browne and John Prine," remembers Bill. There's much more to Bill Chambers than just being Kasey's dad. The patriarch of the Chambers Clan is considered by some to be Australia's premier alt-country guitarist. He can be a master of delicate picking on Dobro or Lap Steel and a demon on Slide.


To experience these two artists together on stage is marvelous, and right in your front yard at that! Opener will be the Real Texas Shit Kicker All Stars from central Switzerland.

When: Saturday, 7 June, 2014, 3 p.m.
Where: The farm of Annemarie and Hugo Wyss, Dorfstrasse 51, 4618 Boningen SO (food and drinks for sale)

Robyin Ludwick und Bill Chambers live

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