Trio Doppelbock and Christine Lauterburg

Saturday 18.05.2013 - 20:30

Caveau du Sommelier Olten

Trio Doppelbock mit Christine Lauterburg

It's high time to discover Swiss Folk music in a new light. Doppelbock (or double bock) create new sounds directly out of ancient Switzerland and old melodies are dressed up in modern gear. Their old "Chuereihe" and old folk dances sound exotic and yet quite familiar. Original instruments - like the shawm, hurdy-gurdy and the helvetic or swiss bagpipes - play together with eBass, djembe, cajon and even the ever so folky evergreens like the diatonic accordion (Schwyzerörgeli) and the double bass. Their music is produced in a modern, close to, but not overly, pop music style, somehow miles away from but with all the due respect to tradition.

Christine Lauterburg
Born in 1956 in Bern and a trained teacher, Christine Lauterburg has been fascinated with performing arts from early on and attended Bern's drama school (today's Art university of Bern) to become an actor. She later discovered her love for singing and yodelling and is touring Switzerland with different bands and groups as a musician and singer since 1980. Christine has given concerts in various parts of Europe, Africa, the Americas and China. As a singer she enjoys the artistic freedom she always had been looking for in her earlier career. She is an aweful venerator of the so called Swiss traditional music - especially the yodel. She has been wider know with the album "Echo der Zeit".

Dide Marfurt: Hurdy-Gurdy, Tamburiza, Bousoukie, Swiss Bagpipe, Jew’s harp , Bodhràn
Matthias Lincke:  Fiddle
Simon Dettwiler:  Schwyzerörgeli (swiss diatonic accordeon: 10-, 18- and 82-bass- models)
Christine Lauterburg:  Yodel & voice, diatonic accordion (Langnauerli) , fiddle , broom


Concert starts at 20.30
Admission charge: Fr. 30.--

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