William Tyler

Saturday 15.03.2014 - 20:30

Caveau du Sommelier Olten

William Tyler

Nashville based William Tyler is an amazing guitar player. Anyone who hears him playing can see that. But "it takes some accumulated hours with his music before you begin to notice and savor his deeper qualities", says music editor Jayson Greene about Tyler. It is uncertain if he will play for long enough while being in Olten to get that far, but it's a good start at least, to dive into the intriguing and wondrous world of William Tyler.

Jayson Greene on Tyler's last album "Inpossible Truth": Making an album of wordless solo guitar compositions that remains interesting for its duration is hard, demanding a range of subtle skills far beyond nimble fingers-- a fine, exacting ear for color, an intuitive sense of momentum, a mind for musical structures."

The L.A. Times describes Impossible Truth as “impossibly beautiful,” while the Chicago Reader writes, “ beautifully ringing, carefully orchestrated playing transcends mere virtuosity to evoke a vivid self-contained narrative.”

Concert starts at 20:30
Admission fee: CHF 25.--

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